Last week, our friend Annie Goodchild visited NYC all the way from Switzerland to play a few gigs in the city.  Since Switzerland is more than a hop, skip, or a jump from New York, we figured it would be a great opportunity to record a follow up video to our Motown Tribute to Avril Lavigne from a year and a half ago.

And so, we rounded up the band and filmed a Motown Tribute to Katy Perry’s new song, “Roar”:

As is customary with all our Motown tributes, Tambourine Guy brought his enthusiasm (and a few new moves) to this early morning video shoot.  Ben Golder-Novick also joined us on tenor sax to add some “Crocodile Rock”-esque horn riffs.  It proved to be a challenging shoot- the mics and cables became something of a tambourine slalom course  – but the results were pretty hilarious.  I particularly enjoyed bassist Adam Kubota’s stone faced reaction to Tambourine Guy’s antics.

Since we had the day free, we also recorded two more songs, including a jazz fusion version of Miley Cyrus’ new tune, “Wrecking Ball,”  and a 12/8 version of Adele’s “Someone Like You.”  The entire 4 song EP is available on my Bandcamp.

The EP is also available on iTunes.

For those interested in playing our “Roar” cover, here’s a chord chart – play it with a bit of a shuffle for that Motown sound.  -SCB