After Miley Cyrus’ controversial performance at the VMAs, I felt it was only natural to offer a classier, twerk-free alternative to her hit, “We Can’t Stop.”  So, I called up our neighborhood doo wop group (the amazing Tee-Tones – check them out on Facebook here) and set to work translating Miley’s song into the classic doo wop style.

(the track is available on iTunes here.)

For me, the first step was to change the time signature of the song from 4/4 into 6/8 (meaning six eighth notes per measure) – you can hear a similar feel in some of the Platters’ hits, like “Only You.”  Robyn did a great job altering the rhythm of the lyrics to fit the new time signature without losing any of the ridiculousness of the lyrical content.

Next, Gerard and Scout of the Tee Tones created some backing harmonies to fill out the sound.  Last but not least, I threw in a last minute half-step modulation before the last chorus….because half step modulations= instant class.

If you’d like to try your own doo wop Miley Cyrus cover, here’s a lead sheet with the chords we used (sorry about my third-grade caliber handwriting):We cant stop_2013-09-04_00-18-02 copyThe notes in each chord are as follows:

E (E, G#, B)

G#m (G#, B, D#)

C#m (C#, E, G#)

A (A, C#, E)

Am (A, C, E)

F (F, A, C)

Dm (D, F, A)

Bb (Bb, D, F)

Bbm (Bb, Db, F)

Gm7 (G, Bb, D, F)

Give it a try at home!

We run things; things don’t run we.


(P.S. If you’d like to see some piano transcription for more of my vintage remakes, I’ve got “Thrift Shop,” “Call Me Maybe,” and the “Tetris” theme in my e-book piano course, “Ragtimify,” available here. )