“Sweater Weather” Meets Edith Piaf

By |July 5th, 2014

I’m just now catching up on this blog, after an incredible month of touring the Northeast US and Europe on the very first Postmodern Jukebox tour.  I’ll write an official blog post about that soon enough, but I want to give enough time to really let everything sink in.  After all, it was the first time that we actually got to meet our fans from all over the world in real life! For now, let’s catch up on some of the newer videos I’ve posted.

Many of you that attended #PMJTour got to witness the incredible vocals of Cristina Gatti […]

A “Mad Men”-Inspired Cover of “Pompeii”

By |May 19th, 2014

With the final season of AMC’s Mad Men underway, my friend (and award-winning singer/songwriter) Tony DeSare had a great idea for a collaboration: why not create a version of a current song as if it were recorded in the year 1969- the year in which the final season takes place?As a fan of both Mad Men and the music of 1969, I was obviously on board with this.

One of the things that makes Mad Men really stand out as one of the best series on television is its painstaking attention to detail.   The throughline that is the story of […]

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    Our ’60s Girl Group Version of “Burn” (With the Flame-O-Phone)

Our ’60s Girl Group Version of “Burn” (With the Flame-O-Phone)

By |April 24th, 2014

This video is literally our hottest video to date.  Not just because it features the beautiful Robyn Adele Anderson, Cristina Gatti, and Ashley Stroud on vocals (that would make it FIGURATIVELY hot…see? I know my word usage), but because it also features a saxophone that shoots flames from its bell.  Yup- behold Stefan Zeniuk’s invention, the Flame-O-Phone:

I had known about the Flame-O-Phone for some time, but I had been waiting for the right video to debut it.  Ellie Goulding’s “Burn” was definitely an obvious choice, and I found that the tune lent itself quite well to the “Brill Building” […]

We’re going on tour!!

By |April 4th, 2014

And now, an important message from Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox


That’s right; we’re going on tour, and turning the following venues into our alternate universe of pop music (with more dates coming soon):

June 2 – The Great Hall; Toronto, ON
June 3 – Le cabaret du Mile End; Montreal, QC
June 4 – Brighton Music Hall; Boston, MA
June 5 – Toad’s Place; New Haven, CT
June 6 – The Met; Providence, RI
June 9 – Highline Ballroom; New York, NY
June 10 – The Hamilton; Washington, DC

June 13 – Whelans; Dublin, Ireland
June 14 – The Ruby Lounge; Manchester, UK
June 15 – O2 ABC; Glasgow, […]

“Talk Dirty”… Klezmer Style

By |April 3rd, 2014

After receiving various requests for klezmer style remake, I finally found the perfect song – Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty.”  And by “perfect,” I of course mean “most unlikely.”

Yup, that’s Robyn Adele Anderson singing a rap by 2 Chainz in Yiddish at 1:58 – she figured out a translation (she already speaks German, which is similar to Yiddish) and came up with an Eastern European-style folk melody to go with it.  Just for fun, we left the phrase “big booty” untranslated.

I wound up learning a lot about klezmer music and its cross-pollination with jazz in the process of making this […]

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    Our Beyonce-approved Big Band Version of “Drunk in Love”

Our Beyonce-approved Big Band Version of “Drunk in Love”

By |March 28th, 2014

So we received a HUGE celebrity endorsement this past week, when Beyonce posted this:

That’s a freeze frame of Cristina Gatti mid-surfboard in our 1940′s big band-inspired remake of Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love,” which you can view here:

Ok, ok- I know that having just three horns doesn’t quite constitute a “Big Band”…but, it was the most I could fit in my living room.  Plus, the talents (and amazing horn choreography – which I didn’t get to see until editing) of Andrew Gutauskas (bari sax), Nick Finzer (trombone), and Ben Golder-Novick (alto sax) more than make up for it.

Cristina had made […]

The Return of Puddles, The Sad Clown With The Golden Voice

By |March 17th, 2014

So, a couple weeks ago, I received a call from the front desk of my apartment building to notify me that a giant clown was looking for me in the lobby.  Although this sort of call is pretty much par for the course when you’re friends with a 7 foot tall singing clown, I can only imagine the perplexity with which the other residents of the building regarded this situation.  I went downstairs and escorted Puddles to my apartment, lest any neighbor of mine suffered from coulrophobia.

It immediately became clear the Puddles – the wandering clown that sings but […]

Variations on “Careless Whisper”

By |March 8th, 2014

In late January, I brought Robyn, Adam, and Allan out to LA for a week- mainly to escape the cold, but also to perform at a really fun event called, “DiscoverMe.” We also taped a segment for “Extra,” spent two days recording with our friends at Wava Studios, and did some epic karaoke in Burbank with Tambourine Guy.

One of the highlights of our trip was getting to record with nine time Grammy-nominated jazz saxophonist Dave Koz, who heard about Postmodern Jukebox and offered to join us as a special guest saxophonist.  This is what we came up with:

That’s our vintage […]

By |February 28th, 2014

Although Postmodern Jukebox usually remakes the latest pop hits, we’re not above remaking some of the classics.  Here’s our New Orleans-style remake of Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” sung by the incredible Miche Braden:

As I’ve probably mentioned before, I’ve always loved New Orleans music.  I grew up listening to Jelly Roll Morton and Louis Armstrong (well, after my MC Hammer phase in first grade, at least), and would spend hours at the piano trying to figure out the intricacies of the genre.  It’s always a pleasure to perform this music; to me, it feels like home (even […]

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    Pitbull & Ke$ha’s “Timber” – the 1950′s Sock Hop Version

Pitbull & Ke$ha’s “Timber” – the 1950′s Sock Hop Version

By |February 14th, 2014

Last week, we returned to the 1950′s for a sock hop remake of Pitbull and Ke$ha’s “Timber,” featuring our friends, The Tee Tones and saxophonist David Luther.  The living room was a bit crowded, but you can also hear Adam Kubota on electric bass and Chip Thomas on drums (they’re barely visible, but I swear they were there!).  One of these days, we’ll do a video where the rhythm section is up front and give both of them some well-deserved camera time.

Since the original song contained quite a bit of rapping, Robyn created a melody and I wrote a […]